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I'm Agnes Otzelberger. For over ten years of working in the "business of doing good" - the international aid sector - I experienced how messed up things can get when it comes to "helping others". I've ended up with more questions than answers. I've created The Good Jungle to dive into these questions together with others, and to challenge myself and others to become sharper and more discerning in how we think about and act on making a difference - whether through our careers, donations, or volunteering. 

The Good Jungle is here for everyone questioning what it means to "do good" in a messy world. The intention for this is to become a blog, podcast and platform providing community, orientation and inspiration to those of us wondering about our purpose and impact on people and the planet, and how we make a difference. 


What's here for YOU?

Perhaps you've been thinking your career needs more purpose. Perhaps, like mine, your career has been all about "doing good" from the start and you're finding yourself puzzled and conflicted. Maybe you've just been getting too comfortable. Or maybe you want to give money or time to a good cause and find it hard to work out what's best. 

Either way, I'm glad you're here. You can follow The Good Jungle on Twitter, Facebook and Medium