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Through the Good Jungle, I've been discovering other publications and podcasts seeking to break the mould in all things philanthropy, charity and social change. Here are some recommended ones to explore (and if there's a publication you think should be on here, please drop me a line!)

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Jennifer Lentfer created her blog to help place community-driven initiatives at the forefront of international aid, philanthropy, and social enterprise. How Matters is deeply critical of the assumptions and power relationships embedded in the international industry of 'do-gooders' and explores what attitudes, skills and structures are needed to change it. 

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Healing Justice is a podcast created to to support the integration of self care, inner work, collective care, real commitment to challenge injustice, and powerful action.

It talks about courageous and soulful leaders, practices and social change efforts, with a strong focus on the US context but the power to inspire far beyond. 


Formerly 'The Development Set', Bright Magazine is all about challenging mainstream journalism on issues around social impact, health and education. Founder Sarika Bansal's mission is "to reinvent storytelling about the social issues that matter most. We cut the jargon, avoid tired tropes about international development, and bring panache, creativity, and a solutions-oriented mindset to our work."


Founder Mary-Ann Clements has come to realise that humane and just leadership cannot happen without collective well-being and personal self-care. So her organisation Jijaze (along with a blog and podcast) were created to support those seeking to make an impact in building wellbeing and self-care into their careers, workplaces and personal lives.